Meet the 24 years old lady who married her 44 years old mother, check to see her reasons


This article is going to take you through the life of a 26 years old lady identified as Lolita who decided to marry her own biological mother who is 44 years of age and also identified as Loreta. Keep reading to get the real reason behind the decision of this mother and daughter and leave your comments below if their reason is touching enough for them to arrive at their final decision to marry each other.

This young lady, Lolita who is 26 years of age married her own mother which got a lot of people criticizing them but they both gave reasons to justify their decision to those who may think their decision was not the right one.

According to the 26 years old lady, he mother was there for her since her infancy. She catered for her needs without the help of anybody. She grew up without having a father and the level she has reached today is all because of her mother. 

“I love my mom so much and she is all I have”

She further stated that she does not want to stay away from her mother that is why she decided to marry her mother in order to spend the rest of their lives together. “My mother is young and she knows how to make me happy in every aspect of what a couple do to be happy

My daughter was ready to leave the house if I refused to marry her. I love my daughter so much and I would do anything to make her happy”, the 44 years old mother told reporters about her decision to marry her daughter.

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