Meet the lady who is called the “snake woman of Africa” because she has the snake genes


Initially, when many saw images of this woman, they mouth couldn’t close for some time. Different questions ran through mind “How is this possible?, Is she human? Does she even have bones? Logically speaking, all these questions are really hard to answer, so I will leave that for you to figure out.

Potentials are indeed something that nature honored humanity with that cannot be stolen or snatched away by anybody unless you are no more. Although everyone is given natural potential by nature which comes in categories of ways from one person to the other, but some people have unique abilities

I strongly believe that everyone on earth is born different, with different body shape, different intellectual abilities, different opinions on things and most importantly, different capabilities.

Nokulunga Buthelezi comes from Johannesburg, South Africa, she is a contortionist who has continued to astonish the world with her artworks, or should I say bodyworks.

Also known as ‘lunga’, She has not trained to become a contortionist but it’s purely natural and it’s believed that she acquired this extraordinary mastery from the “snake genes” given to her by her great-grandmother.

In addition, with her incredible skill to twist her body into postures no one ever thought was credible has won her the name ‘the snake woman of africa’. Surprisingly, many have witnessed a lot of contortionists but have never seen someone like Nokulunga Buthelezi.

Here’s the most flexible woman in Africa who calls herself “ THE SNAKE OF AFRICA “.She frightens everybody with her twisting skills and the do ask, does She even have bones ??
Nokulunga Buthelezi posits “I never met my great-grandmother, but apparently she was as flexible as I am,” says Lunga. “I was glad when I learnt that, because I used to think: ‘Why am I like this? Why am I the only one who can do it?”

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