More Details about Anita Sefa Boakye, Osei Kwame Despite’s alleged Baby mama who married CEO of Adinkra Pie


Today, the internet witnessed yet another large wedding! Anita Sefa Boakye and Barima Osei Mensah married in a beautiful traditional ceremony, bringing together two of Ghana’s wealthiest families.

Anita Sefa Boakye, who is alleged to be Millionaire Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s baby mama, has married Barima Osei Mensah, the CEO of famed Ghanaian pastry brand, Adinkra pie.

The wedding seemed to be on par with Kency 2020, as the two prominent families took things to the next level. Photos and videos from the ceremony tell loudly about how much money was spent to put on this spectacular union.

Even though the wedding caught everyone off guard, nothing has left them more surprised than learning that the bride, Anita Sefa Boakye, is the baby mama of wealthy Osei Kwame Despite.

Well, we’re here to surprise you even more.

Anita is Despite’s baby mama, and she has three children with him, according to sources. According to the story, she is the only one of Despite’s baby mothers who has been able to beat the record and marry.

Anita hails from an affluent family, aside from being the baby mama of business billionaire Osei Kwame Despite.

Mrs Janet Sefa Boakye, the proprietor of the Anita Hotel in Kumasi, is her mother. The hotel is supposed to be named after Anita Sefa Boakye.

Anita has apparently married into a royal family in Ashanti Region because her spouse, the CEO of Adinkra Pie, is a royal.

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