Mr. Logic insists Yaw Tog is overrated, heap praise on his mother for sending him back to school


Entertainment critic, Mr. Logic has gone hard on Yaw Tog and send a special thanksgiving message to his mother for sending him back to School instead of allowing him to push through his music career.

Tagged as the next big man to occupy the Rap scene, Yaw Tog has been on the lips of many after rising to fame with his style of music and he is arguably the first on many Ghanaians list when it comes to the young names who are making great impacts.

But one particular person is not a fan of the Sore hitmaker and that is no other person than Mr. Logic who boldly claim Yaw Tog riding on hype.

Mr. Logic speaking with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM admits the young musician is a real talent before he controversially claim his songs doesn’t make sense.

“There is difference between talented and making sense, The Boy has the zeal. Why do you think his mother is pushing him back to school”. Mr Logic ask

Watch the video below ?

Yaw Tog is currently preparing to face his Senior High School Certificate exams and Mr. Logic is of the view it is a very good opportunity for him to learn and transfer some knowledge into his songs.

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