“My dad travelled with his sneaky link for three days, came back home to tell my mum he had an accident” – Man shares story about his father


An X user with the name, @Lilzazyy has taken to platform to share an interesting story of his father that he can not tell his mum.

In his narration, he said his dad left for Abuja on a Thursday for a wedding and no one heard from him till he returned on Sunday with bruises all over his face.


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The poster said when his dad travelled, they tried to reach him on phone and all from the Thursday he left till he returned, his phone was off which got everyone worried.

The poster said they had to call his friends to find out if they have heard from him but they all said they did not know his whereabouts.

When his dad finally got back home with those bruises on his face, he asked him what happened to him and his dad said, he had an accident and was admitted since Friday, meaning he was not able to go for the wedding.

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He said he then began asking him questions but they answers his dad was giving did not add up and he was acting all dodgy so he took it upon himself to find out exactly what happened to his father.

Upon investigations, he found out his dad travelled with a woman who lives on their street to attend the wedding with but he got robbed and so they decided to lodge in a hotel and have fun from Friday till Sunday when he returned.

See his post below.

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