“My previous post was wrong, Thomas Partey is innocent, I’m very sorry” – Man apologizes after seeing Sara’s weak evidences


One man who vehemently supported Sara’s allegations against Thomas Partey on Twitter yesterday has apologized to everyone on the platform.

He made this turn after assessing the evidences released by Sara to support her claims.

He said he made a wrong decision for supporting someone who had weak evidences in a case as serious as this.

“Everyone, my previous tweet was wrong. Thomas Partey is innocent. I am very, very sorry to everyone who saw my tweet and believed it, I made the clueless decision of supporting the person who had very little evidence, let alone concrete evidence. I am very sorry.”, he said.

Background to the story

A source close to the Arsenal midfielder said in a series of tweets that Partey declined his lover Sara Bella’s marriage proposal.

Things had been going well for the couple since he had declined to walk her down the aisle, but Sara allegedly sought to blackmail him by accusing him of rape.

Their relationship took on a dramatic twist when word spread that Sara Bella’s social media status had changed from “Married” to “Single.”

Thomas Partey was reportedly astonished after spending nearly £700,000 on the same person who had been accused of rape.

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