My Wife Is Afraid; Captain Smart and wife speaks reveal what she feels about allegations against her husband


Vociferous media personality captain smart has revealed what makes his wife afraid and the wife also speaks about allegations against him

According to the holy bible in Proverbs 18:22, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord” and this is absolutely true considering how great men who made an impact in the world were supported by their wives.

Behind every successful man is a woman and without a wife you are not a full man, anything can happen to you. Its an honourable act, respect the woman that you chose, he who finds a wife has found God’s favour which is a friend, a mother, partner and above all an advisor. 

This in infact very true looking at how captain Smart‘s wife truly endorses what he does and she has become his backbone that he leans on for assistance. The world is full of women but only few wives.

Many women don’t know that being a woman does not necessarily mean you can be a wife to a man. There are certain qualities that qualifies a woman to be a good wife to the husband she’s married to.

Some men break up their relationships or marriages because they later found out that the woman they are living with is not yet a wife.

The wedding will give you the title wife, but to your husband the things you do will determine whether he’s married to a woman or a wife. The beautiful mistress of the house spoke when captain Smart was engaging his followers on his live online presentation.

Questions were thrown to the lady and she answered them when captain called her to do so. How do you feel when false allegation and accusations are made against him?

This was the prime question and she answered it beautifully by saying “I don’t feel anything and am okay. It’s normal.” Captain added that “She is afraid when I am when I am leaving the house, afraid when I am coming home, afraid when when I am on air and when I close too.”

But in conclusion he appreciated the wife whom he described as supportive even though she gets angry at times when he doesn’t get time for her.

You can watch the video here

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