“No man on Earth Knows when he will die except your soul belongs to the devil” – Netizen respond to claims TB Joshua prophesied his death


– A video going Viral online indicates TB Joshua said it will not be Easy for him to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

– Just days after the video was shared via his Twitter handle, He sadly died with 6 days left to his birthday.

– The video has since brought some social media users into conclusion he foreseen his own death.

Renowned Nigerian Christian Preacher, Temitope Balogun Joshua, better known as TB Joshua has been confirmed dead leading to tearful messages from all over the world.

He was set to celebrate is 58th Birthday on Saturday June 12 which will now be a common day everyone will remember as his birthday without any celebration with him. Preparing towards his birthday, The prophet stated clearly in the Video it will not be that easy for people to witness him celebrate his birthday.

“Happy Birthday to you! Viewers all over the world, June 12th is around the corner. As you know, I am a man of the people. So, the wound of one is the wound of all.”

“As things stand, you may have realized  it will not be easy for me to celebrate my birthday under the present circumstances. Some of the people who want to come are troubled by the situation all over the world. We see their fear and worry. I feel their pain; I feel their worry”

Therefore, let us dedicate this day to prayer and fasting. Don’t forget the needy. By the grace of God, more birthdays are ahead. God bless you! Emmanuel. Jesus is Lord! Happy Birthday!” – TB Joshua said in the video.

This looks like a Clear message he knew his days remaining on earth will not reach his birthday just as everyone is believing now excluding one Facebook user ‘Alhaji Sa-id Blesinz who claim there is no way any mortal can know the day he will leave this earth except he/she sold his soul to a devil and signed an agreement on the number of years to stay alive.

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