“No One Deserve To Go Through Dis… Not Even Ur H@ter” – Bob Risky Sympathizes With Jay Boogie After Losing Both Kidneys From Trans Surgery


Popular Nigerian transgender, Bob Risky has expressed sympathy for Jay Boogie following reports that the latter has lost both of her kidneys after an allegedly failed transgender surgery.

According to Bob Risky, he doesn’t believe any human beings deserves to go through the pain and agony Jay Boogie is going through.


Even though Jay Boogie trolled him online after his trans surgery, Bob Risky indicated that, he had forgiven him and would like to give him a hug.

Bob also expressed unhappiness about the fact that most people have been “b*llying” Jay after he came online to ask for help. Taking to her Instagram page, she wrote “No one deserve to go through dis… not even ur h@ter. Yes at first I was hurt jaybogie came for me many times on her page without doing anything to her Yeah I called out one of her friend one time like that but was surprised jaybogie supported him then. Anyways that’s not the case now. I need to come in now. I’m tired of how people keep b*llying her just because she came out to ask for help. Someone need to inform me where to see her. Firstly I need to hug her let her feel loved.”