“Rich Girls”- Canadian base Ghanaian girls spends $1000 each on visit to Canada’s wonderland


Canadian base Ghanaian girls spends $1000 each on a visit to Canada’s wonderland to have fun.

The girls were lead by Manassa who is a nurse and a vlogger based in Canada.


They were spotted looking good in high fashion to the Wonderland.

Watch the video below;


Canada’s wonderland never fails when it comes to a fun girls day out but is it worth almost $1000?😭👀 For me getting fast lane plus is a must because we ain’t waiting in no line, so when it comes to how fast we get to the front of lines I think it’s worth it! Especially on busy days like the weekends or holidays! Next time you’re looking for something to do in the GTA visit Canada’s wonderland!🇨🇦 #fyptoronto #blackgirltiktok #blackgirls #ghanagirls #thingstodointoronto #thingstodointhegta

♬ original sound – Manassa💫 #NurseNass