“Obi Cubana effect” – Nigerian Actor claims his mom has been appearing in his dream asking for reburial


Nigerian Actor Victor Osuagwu has revealed some strange happenings he has been experiencing since the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother.

Victor in a statement claim his late mother whom he buried earlier before the Oba carnival has been visiting him now to re-burry her due to the kind of expensive funeral Obi Cubana held for his mother.

It’s not known whether his claim is real or he is just trying to catch some fan what happened at Oba but Sharing the strange happening to the public, The Actor said

“Which kind trouble be this, ever since Obi Cubana buried his mother, I have been seeing my mother in my dreams, the minute I close my eyes, my mother will appear saying I should do a “re-burial” for her, where would I see the money for that ?”

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