“Please give me girls this week, l like those with heavy backside” Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale is having the best of fun on Twitter this evening and just as we all know he is always going to make you join the fan if you are following him.

The Dancehall musician for whatever reasons is yet to go to bed and has decided to do his usual things on the Social media platform.

After series of tweets, he dropped another hilarious call out everyone for being only interested in beefing him instead of helping him find a one night stand partner.

As if that’s not funny already, he went in to beg Niggas available on the platform to dash him some girls for him to spend the week with and even specify the Hajia Bintu types as his taste.

So this my haters on Twitter no go give girl to chop always beefing me …

At least this week give me girls erh …Just small holiday you ppl go give me too ?????Pls give me my schedule ??? Excuse me : I like big a$$ ???” he jokingly wrote.

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