Popcaan’s Security Discharged Firearm As Fans Get Unruly In Ghana


Popcaan Ghana fans went a bit too unruly after seeing him.

The rambunctious boss’ famous line could not be more apt in describing his recent meeting in Ghana. Fans’ excitement has reached new heights, as his West-African fan base expanded during his stay.

On Popcaan’s Instagram page, footage of his visit shows his security detail fire a shot to fend off a few unruly admirers.

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Popcaan’s previous visit, in January 2020, had sparked controversy when he famously kissed the ground at the airport, but this time was different. For a few admirers, it appears that the thrill has become all too genuine.

Two individuals leapt onto the back of his security’s G Wagon SUV when he was driving through villages two nights ago.

Popcaan posted a video on Instagram about the incident, which he found amusing. “Ah weh di [email protected]@t this!” he can be heard saying. While one of the two unnamed individuals dangled loosely from the rear of the vehicle, the man dem took ova Sledge [his driver’s] van.

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Another video, filmed by his security in a car behind the act, shows the same scenario.

His security decided to bring an end to the incident after honking and imploring the men to “get down,” and fired a warning shot, which led the men to scramble off the car. The entire episode has caused quite a stir on social media since it was shared.

It’s no surprise that supporters were ecstatic, especially considering his presence wasn’t exactly understated.

To excite them even more, he was seen driving around in luxury cars. Popcaan announced that his record would be released soon after he arrived in Ghana.

He announced the news on Twitter, writing, “I’m doing my next album launch in Ghana and everyone is AKWABA.”

Fans are shivering with excitement as they await the release of the new album, which has yet to be announced.

In August 2021, he announced that he was working on an album via Twitter, thus having his vacation and album release coincide with his travel to Ghana is a sight to witness.

Fans can’t help but wonder if the visit is intended to spark some new ideas or to engage with local musicians in the country’s music business.

As the singer continues his tour in the motherland, fans can only watch, wait, and anticipate more excitement.

Source: cbgist.com

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