Pretty lady tears part of the holy Bible which says ‘wives should submit to their husbands’ to smoke


Anytime you argue over the truth , it makes you a suspect or exposes your ignorance. For instance if you tell someone smoking kills, actually people who smoke will give you 1000 reasons why they feel smoking doesn’t kill.

This is simply because, in their conscience , they know very well that it is true but admitting it means they would have to stop smoking so they will put up a defense mechanism to ensure that they maintain the deception that has become a reality to them.

This beautiful young African lady smoked marijuana from a ripped-out portion of her holy book, which she recorded on Twitter for the benefit of her readers.

The photos shared online showed, the woman known called Priestess can be seen smoking from the Bible after cutting out a section of the Holy book which states that a woman should always submit to her husband.

A picture of the fermented cannabis she got stuck in the center of an open holy book was all she decided to share prior to the act. When she put the same illicit substance on the bible, she titled the photograph, “Pardon me, God in heaven,”

Shortly after that, she posted a few other unbelievable pictures of herself smoking cannabis products with bible notes on social media, which went viral very quickly.

Whatever got through into the young lady’s head to cause her to commit such an unimaginable deed is still unknown. Believers are using the Holy book to live a righteous as well as virtuous life because it is considered one of the world’s purest books.


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