Prez. Buhari vows to brutally crack the whip on those Fomenting Trouble in Nigeria


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has said he will be going all out to deal with those causing trouble in Nigeria in the very language they understand.

According to the President of the West African state, many of those behind the insurgence in Nigeria were too young at the Time Nigeria had its Civil war.

As an army commander as he used to be, he has seen these things and would not wait for such to happen again.

President Buhari

Nigeria over the last years have had serious issues with insecurity. Almost everyday there is an attack on national installations somewhere in the country.

If it’s not be terrorist group Boko-Haram then it’s gunmen and bandits attacking state security, abducting and killing civilians and making the country ungovernable.

The army chief was crashed to death in a plane crash days ago.

However, the sad Development rather degenerated into social media banter, with others jubilating over his dead saying he was leading the army to terrorize civilians.

President Buhari took to twitter to say he is biting the bullet to crackdown on all groups and will take no more prisoners.

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