Reggie Rockstone explain in details why Eno Barony need to drop Best Female Rapper tag


Reggie Rockstone has given a deep advise to Eno Barony to stop tagging herself as a Female rapper and gave her detailed explanation of why he believes it’s wrong for her to have such tag.

When it comes to rap in Ghana, there’s one name you can’t skip and that’s no other artists than Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame, known by his stage name as Eno Barony.

Barony has for some time now claimed the status of Best female rapper and proved that at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music awards when she became the first female to emerge victorious in the Rapper of the year category in the awards history.

But according to legendary Reggie, it is sexist to label her as female rapper since rap is a genre for all and not associated with any the muscular physique of the artist involved.

“Eno is one of the finest rappers of our generation, carving out a distinct identity for herself. Rockstone remarked, “She is really motivating and has gone a long way.”

“There are a lot of things that I don’t know but one thing I do know is hip-hop. I really understand it. I’ve lived it, living it, been about it and created my own version,”

He made this known via an Instagram video where he said:

“People keep calling me to ask me about how I feel about Eno [Barony] winning the ‘Rapper of the Year’ [at 2021 VGMA]. First of all, I think it’s politically incorrect to ask me that. Because when you do, this means that you are questioning the validity of what is it she won.”

“We all know the girl spits [raps]. Why is there such a highlight on the fact that she is female? Okay, I get it. Hip-hop/hiplife is male-dominated. I understand that.”

“But let me point out something really stupid that you probably didn’t think about. If it’s based on a physical feat or something that I man is doing that a woman can’t do, I can dig it. But rap is done with the mouth. It takes no physical strength to rap. So, why is there such a highlight on the fact that she is female?”

“That’s some sexist bullt. I want to tell all rappers to drop the ‘female rapper’ tag. It’s a ploy. That’s what they do and they can use that [against someone] when the need be to bamboozle your clout. You are a rapper, period, and you are a dope one too, and all other sisters who get on the mic. It takes no physical strength to rap. It’s your mouth. Men, women and children rap so get that sexist bullt out of the way. I’m against all. he concluded.

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