Regina Daniels snubs her mother’s wedding because she is getting married to a man younger than her


Nigerian actress Regina Daniels has allegedly refused to step foot at her mother’s marriage ceremony because she is against the fact she is getting married to man that is younger than her.

The young Actress’ mother who is a movie producer herself tied the knot with her boyfriend in a private ceremony over the weekend that the venue isn’t disclosed to the public, but some pictures from the star studded wedding were able to find it’s way to the internet via a post by Nigerian blog, Gossipmillnaija.

Photos from the wedding ceremony.

The marriage itself isn’t much talked about in the media but the action of Regina Daniels being against her mother’s union and as a result, refuse to attend the event is what everyone is going crazy about.

Her action is indeed a hypocritical and shocking one according to many because the actress herself is married to a man old enough to be not only her father but her grandfather as well and she is happily staying with him with a child for him.

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