Stonebwoy list down 8 powerful points to continue his support for the people of Ejura and Fix the Country Protesters, insist the fight is against corrupt leaders


Stonebwoy is back again with another statement that indicates his first reaction to the ongoing happenings in Ghana is not any fluke.

The BHIM nation Boss earlier voiced out his displeasure about the manner in which police and Military personnels are firing shots at peaceful protesters in Ejura that led to the death of two.

In a lengthy statement, the Musician note down 8 points that speaks about different situations but all comes down to the hardship Ghanaians are facing under what he described as corrupt leaders.

Taking to his Facebook handle, Stonebwoy wrote:

  1. The right to go on a peaceful protest is guaranteed by the constitution…
  2. Some defiant few may take advantage of protests to do things that aren’t lawful..
  3. The security services need to intervene only when these defiant ones go overboard but the response of the security services must be appropriate when compared to the insecurity… going overboard cannot be justified
  4. I am equally pained when the Police and other security personnel are attacked/killed while doing their best to protect law and order for the greater good…for instance the Bullion Van Robbery… when we don’t speak against these things as bitterly as we speak against police brutality it almost feels as if the police/security people deserve to die by heart… but that’s not the case. The whole nation cried out the innocent police was shot and that shows the love that should exist between the citizens and the security forces. We are all one people and should not hurt each other
  5. Sometimes I also feel the pain of the robbers and other hustlers. At the end of the day many of them may feel that is their only option and there is a relationship between crime, poverty and national development. Are we the citizens, the criminals and the security services simply doing what we have to do to feed our families…? hmm
  6. If all the above is true then we all need one another and the true fight is not against EACH OTHER but against CORRUPT LEADERS who are soaked in the LOVE OF POWER but not the POWER OF LOVE…
  7. We have to speak to power in the language it understands and keeping it within the confines of the LAW… definitely easier said than done but we must not be suppressed in the lawful exercise of the right to speak up! I say it in my song lyrics so I don’t have to write it so often (reading written statements can be tricky) but I’ll continue to say it carefully with zero disrespectful intent..
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