“The grace I carry isn’t your father’s classmates” – Mona Gucci to whom it may concern.


TV presenter, Mona Gucci has fired shots in the air looking for a target.

Abigail Monalisa Semeha, popularly known as Mona Gucci is a Ghanaian presenter who currently works at Media General.

Reports gathered yesterday suggests that Mona Gucci and Onua TV, the television station where she works, has been sued by Diamond Appiah.

Diamond Appiah and Mona Gucci are noted to have some long standing misunderstanding between them and this might have been the cause of the court summons.

As we wait for response from Onua TV to the court summons, Mona Gucci has taken to her Instagram page to fire some shots without any target.

She wrote this on Instagram: “The grace I carry isn’t your father’s classmate…u have oppressed people for far too long…who do u think you are? Goliath? Well I feel like David right now…[email protected] have suffered cyber bully from audio Billionaires like y’all ….for days and nights to everyone who have suffered bully from self acclaimed empty billionaires I tell you without mincing of words THEIR TIME IS UP!…”

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