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“The older the berry, the sweeter the juice”- Young men states the advantages of dating older women


Some Young men on X formerly Twitter has stated the advantages of dating older women.

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According to some of them, dating older women comes with less drama, no games and they’re mostly straightforward with you the young man.

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One X user identified as Jeff Wilsey has said that, older women know what they’re doing.

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Youfoundhome is also of the views that, older women are intelligent when having conversations with them and they are good  when it comes to sex as well. He added deep empathy as one of their qualities.

Lano also speak about older women being smarter and more knowledgeable about almost everything and added that, they are also better at Sex as compared to the younger women.

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Leslie Kurt added that, Older women won’t be asking for kids since their kids are already grown. He also added dealing with mood Wings as one of the advantages of dating older women.

As for Jecha Trap, he simply said that, once a young Man starts dating older women there’s no going back.

So there you have it. Is your choice.

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