“There Were Issues Between My Daughter And This Guy” Nelli’s Father.


Moses Tembe, the father of AKA’s deceased girlfriend, Nelli Tembe, finally speaks on the issue related to his daughter’s death and AKA.

The issues and drama surrounding Nelli’s alleged toxic relationship with AKA seems not to end very soon.

It is getting heated every now and then following the disturbing videos that surfaced online few days ago.

Some speculations were raised by fans suggesting Nelli’s death was as a result of frustration from her boyfriend.

According to the father of the late Nelli, he doesn’t want to get involved in any drama about the issues between his deceased daughter and AKA.

He had this to say, “As a father, who is also a traditionalist, I would refrain from getting involved with issues involving a girlfriend and boyfriend, people who were not yet married.”

He said even though he knew there were a lot of issues between them but since he can’t get involved with people who are just dating, Nelli would rather share with her sisters.

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