Top Ghanaian celebrities who dumped NDC and joined NPP because of what they want


Doing politics in Ghana is one of the rights we are all privileged to. We have the right to many things, the right to life, education, own properties, others and we also have the right to join any political party. But as a citizen, you’re political affiliation should be your secret. 

Recently a lot of celebrities have joined hands with some political parties as they are doing active campaigns for them. But I think as a celebrity who leads many people your political affiliation should be unknown in order not to lose fans and followers. 

In this article, we are going to look at some top celebrities who were once part of the National Democratic Congress but have not dumped the party and moved to the New patriotic party. After knowing they will not get what they want from the NDC they have moved on and chooses the biggest opponent of the NDC which is the NPP and Ghanaians have shown their concerns about this.

 1. Afia……

 2. Empress Gifty

 3. Agnes Annan Maame Fante 

 4. Lucky Mensah 

 5. Grace Omaboe 

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