Video shows Odoi misses his country Ghana with how he is Chilling With the Boys


-Callum Hodson Odoi is in Ghana to spend time with his friends and family

-Odoi has a Ghanaian root with his father coming from Ghana

-King Promise giving Odoi all the support he needs to feel at home.

Callum Hodson Odoi seems to be having some massive fun with back to back video giving details of his stay in Ghana for holiday.

Odoi who is in the company of Singer King Promise is not feeling alien at all in his home country as he is having a good time with the boys boys.

Even though Odoi lives in London and has lived most of his life there, videos of his visit to Ghana shows he misses the normal life after a busy season with Chelsea.

Odoi was part of the Chelsea team that won the champions league against Manchester City and at his young age, he has a champions league medal which is no mean an achievement.

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