“We all have opinions but insulting our leaders is something the Bible even speaks against” Captain Planet tells Twene Jonas


Popular Ghanaian Musician, Captain Planet of 4X4 fame has advised Twene Jonas to make his opinions known in a more respectable manner than he is currently doing.

The Ghanaian born who is currently residing outside the country has arguably, single handedly led a crusade against Ghana’s entire leadership in what he termed as no development in the country.

He is always live reigning insults on Government officials and Chiefs via social media in attempt to force them into doing the right thing.

His action has generated many debates in the public domain that is still ongoing and Captain Planet is the latest to add his voice to it.

In the Musicians view, He believe every Ghanaian has an opinion that he or she would like to make known to the Government in order to make the country a better place to be, however, Doing in some form of insults is what is not a good behavior to exhibit against elders, an action even the Bible preaches against.

“We all get opinions but insulting our elders de3 the Bible self dey speak against” he stated

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