“We love to see it; Hajia Bintu bend over on Singer Kidi’s touch it song, video drop


The Queen of Tiktok Hajia Bintu just participated in the touch it challenge by the famous singer Kidi and everyone loves it.

As we already know, Hajia Bintu is popularly Known for her blessed behind and she just entertained everyone by bending it over on the touch it song by Kidi, the the girls dem sugar.

The blessings God has placed on the backside of the beautiful Ghanaian TikToker is out of imagination.

Any time she pass by, she attracts all the attentions to herself with her amazing talents shaking nicely at her behind.

Everybody love to it and we also love to see it as well.

Let me not talk too much. Just scroll down a bit to see it for yourself.


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