“Why’s Otumfuo seated while our Ga Mantse stands to greet him” – Bongo quizes


Bongo is asking some critical questions after a video of Ga Mantse exchanging pleasantries with Otumfuo goes viral.

The popular Asante king is on a historic visit to the Ga land where he linked up with the king of the Gã Traditional Area in the southern part of Ghana, where the Ga-Adangbe people dwell.


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As much as Asantehene’s visit solidified the peace existing between our traditional rulers in the country, it came with some controversies.

In a video, The Ga Mantse, Tackie Teiko Tsuru II known in private life as Dr Kelvin Nii Tackie Abia was seen greeting Otumfuor with the needed respect he deserves.

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However, Otumfuo was seated comfortably on his chair while the Ga Mantse was up on his feet to greet him humbly.

This was where Bongo drew the line and asked questions about why Otumfuor was seated while the Ga ruler was up on his feet while greeting him.

According to Bongo, Otumfuor should have given back that same respect the Ga Mantse gave him by standing up on his feet before their greeting.

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“Why’s Otumfuo seated while our Ga Mantse stands to greet him? Isn’t he the visitor here, & culturally mandated to be the one standing up? This is total disrespect to Ga heritage. Tradition is sacred; Accra isn’t Kumasi & Asantehene is not Ghana-hene!” he wrote

“Nii Tackie Tsuru is the overlord of Ga Land, and by virtue of the power vested in him, he is the only individual clothed to exercise superior authority! Any chief or king who steps foot here in Accra must first bow to him and submit to his authority, including the Asantehene!” Bongo added

“Why’s Otumfuo seated while our Ga Mantse stands to greet him” - Bongo quizes
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