Woman dumps husband of 20 years to get married to the holy spirit in a glamorous ceremony


The earth is full of weird incidents, the rate at which we encounter unusual things in this world is coming to be of a big difficulty. A lot of people do stuff the way they prefer because they have the independence to do so without anybody involving themeselves  their affairs.

Single women out there are looking for a man to be their husband simply because the number of men in the world nowadays has decreased as compared to the number of existing women. However, surprisingly some women still find one reason or the other to leave their marriage because of a little misunderstanding with their partners.

Elizabeth Nalem, a Kenyan mother of 6 children, has dumped her husband of 20 years to marry the “Holy Spirit” in a ceremony at a hotel in West Pokot, Kenya. She has strongly indicated that her love for the holy spirit is unmatchable to that of any human being.

Despite her being in a previous relationship, the holy spirit possessed lady has given all that up and choosen to live a holy and acceptable life to her maker.

She was bent to go to Uganda for the honeymoon which is even more surprising as to what she intends to do alone. She said she wants to serve God. Her husband who is petrified brought 22 cows and 15 goats for her bride price and currently is in a state of quagmire. We wish her well.

Source: cbgist.com

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