Woman proudly announces she has four children with different married men


A lady has revealed at the age of 28, she is a mother of four children and each child has a different father. The shocking part is, the fathers of her children are married men.

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She shared a picture of herself on TikTok and wrote that she turned 28 years in May and she has four children with four different married men.

She then wrote that she keeps pushing because it is her womb and she can carry as many children from whomever as she pleases.

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She captioned the picture, “Who never f#ck up?” and wrote, “Turning 28 in May, mother of four children all with different married men🥲but I keep going after all it’s my womb😅

Woman proudly announces she has four children with different married men

Her post has sparked a lot of reactions as many women have taken to the comment section to tell their secrets.

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@Favoured ❣️❣️:am turning 22 with 60 years old man and 2 kids different fathers 💔

@Mai Dorothy:Am Turing 35 I have been married 5 times since I was 30 😂

@Claudia:Am 30 now with 5kids all i got with my sweet father in law after staying 1yr with my husband no child and he wanted to chase me, i tried father in law and now he thinks all children are his. but i feel like telling him the truth that you’re powerless 😭😭

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