You begged for power to #FixTheCountry, not to tell people to shut up – Franklin Cudjoe


Franklin Cudjoe, the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of IMANI Center Centre for Policy and Education has waged into the #FixTheCountry campaign by calling on the government to get to work.

According to him, the government, then in opposition begged for power from the citizens to get the issues addressed and must do same after getting the power rather attempting to shut them up. “Dear government, all the citizens are saying to you is  #FixTheCountry because you begged for power and got it, not to tell them they should shut up.” he wrote.

The IMANI President also acknowledged the fact that, the government is working in certain areas. “True, you are Fixing, but it does appear the Fixing needs some super speed. I have faith in you, but let us #FixTheCountry” Mr. Franklin added.

He also admitted the fact that some Ghanaians, including himself have certain bad attitudes which must be addressed. “I agree some of us ( including my good self) are terribly vile, cheating and sinful persons, so I will respect the counter tags  #FixYourSelf and #FixYourAttitude as they are directed at those who seek answers.” 

The online protest, #FixTheCountry organized to call on the leaders to address certain concerns in the country has so far gone viral with many Celebrities, influential people and individuals joining the protest so far.

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