“Youtube is not going to last long in Nigeria” – Kanayo O Kanayo Cautions Nollywood


Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has advised upcoming Nollywood actors to desist from doing speed work, just to make a lot of money on YouTube.

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According to Kanayo, these new actors are trying to mess up the opportunity YouTube provides for them to make money and if care is not taken, they will not last long on the platform.

He revealed anything Nollywood is supposed to be built one step at a time but these actors do not have a sense of purpose and do not take their time to build a proper videography.

He said, “We built Nollywood brick by brick, block by block but the guys who have beseeched you to, actors not the producers, do not have any sense of purpose, of process to create a procedure for a lasting videography of creating content.”

Kanayo then talked about the speed at which movies are produced by these actors; using a day to shoot for different producers. He said that is not sustainable and will not help the industry.

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He also talked about the health risks that comes with stressing oneself to shoot a number of scenes in a day for different movies and their dedication to this kind of professionalism will not last long.

Speaking further, he talked about the greediness of these actors to be the only ones in the spotlight. He advised them to allow others to also shine as every one needs somebody and to also work for other producers.

He said, “Most actors have created their own YouTube channels and have stopped working for other producers. That’s not the way to build the industry. You need to lend your service to other people…that is the spirit by which Nollywood came about.”

The video was posted by @lindaikejiblogofficial on Instagram. Check it out below.

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