Zanziman used to Live in the forest and feed on grass, see how much his life has been transformed


Zanziman lives with his family in Rwanda.

He is harassed about his facial features on a daily basis by insensitive villagers, reports Afrimax Rwanda.

He hikes 20 miles daily to escape cruel villagers bullying him for being “different.”

While visiting Zanziman’s mother, the station was told that he’s always being mocked and criticized.

As a result, he has learned to be quick on his feet, or even to flee high into a tree, to escape villagers’ constant bullying.

Incredibly, Zanziman – who has never been to school – spends his days hiking through the jungle for hours on end.

He sometimes covers up to 143miles in a week and eats grass while in the jungle.

Being born with congenital microcephaly, Zanziman Ellie had a unique face and behaviour which made bullies mock and call him a monkey all because he always run to the forest and feeds on grass.

His mother’s rise, who always saw him as a blessing and a gift from God from above, was tough on him. Zanziman is according and loves him so loving, regardless of his appearance or his behavior, as he answers her fervent prayers for a boy.

Zanziman and his mother tried cake for the first time

The poor mother had difficulty feeding her son because he had only eaten raw food such as fruit.

As a result, mother had always to go after him to the wood to fetch him home because she believes he will never go back because he would not want to communicate with people if Zanziman was allowed to remain in the bushes too long.

She has taken the world’s attention after years in the struggle of raising a special child and has given her life and the life of her child to many kind-hearted people.

As the transition continues, he was taken out to meet other life forms, who once knew little about the civilized world beyond his village and sometimes fled to the forest.

Surprisingly, he adapted very quickly this new kind of life. While it seemed strange and disturbing at first, after a very long time he fused well into the modern world and made new friends at school.

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