15 year old student of Accra Academy allegedly confessed burning some blocks of the school because he didn’t like the school


A 15 year old senior high student of Accra Academy a second cycle school in Accra has been arrested for allegedly confessing to his friends as the one behind the fire outbreak in Accra Academy.

He is said to have confessed to setting fire to dormitory blocks, including a new dormitory block, which was razed down completely, because he was forced into the school by his parents against his will.

The form two student whose identity has been withheld by the police, is said to have claimed responsibility for the last three fire incidents which ravaged dormitories, belongings of students such as trunks, chop boxes with food items, beds and other valuables, including money.

The fire outbreaks in the school have also destroyed property of the school, educational materials of students and some personal effects of the students.

During interrogations by the police, the juvenile suspect allegedly admitted being behind three fire outbreaks recorded in the school.

The boy allegedly told the police that he burnt the dormitory blocks because he did not like the school and also because he wanted to be a day student, instead of the boarding option which was offered him during his admission.

The boy, who claimed he had been enrolled in the school against his wish, indicated that he hatched a plan to torch the dormitories with the hope that the school would be closed down.

The suspect also wanted his boarding student status changed to a day student, following the burning of the dormitories.

On January 16, last year, sections of two halls in the school, Alema and Halm-Addo, were destroyed by fire around 7 p.m.

About two weeks later, there was another fire at the Alema Hall around the same time on January 28, last year.


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