Andrew’s victims were mostly students and working class ladies


Nigerian activist, Harrison, who has been giving back to back updates on the missing Ghanian lady and her friend who travelled to Aba to meet a millionaire is back with a new revelation.

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In a post on Instagram, he revealed he has done his own investigations and what he discovered is that Andrew does not go in for h00kup girls.

He wrote that Andrew likes students and working class ladies because the way he comes up to these ladies as a responsible rich man, going for a h00kup seems demeaning.

Going further, he revealed Afiba, the Ghanaian married lady who followed her Nigerian friend, Celine to meet Andrew did not want to go initially but Celine pleaded with her to go with her to meet her FB friend.

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Unfortunately, we all know the outcome of their visit as they have been missing since April 27th. Authorities found a body close to Andrew’s home during the search for the girls but the body has not been identified yet.

See Harrison’s post below.

Andrew's victims were mostly students and working class ladies

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