Cristiano Ronaldo Indirectly Shades Messi after winning Copa America


The Messi and Ronaldo rivalry cannot be downplayed even though the duo have not had any heated moments their fans are always at each other on social media.

After Messi inspired his Argentina side to beat by a goal to nil to win the Copa America, social media has been buzzing with Ronaldo and Messi Comparison yet again.

This is the first trophy Messi had won with his Argentine national team, in fact it’s one of those odds anti Messi narrators uses to downplay if he’s the greatest of all time or not.

Now that he has won a trophy with his national team as Ronaldo has also won the euros with his national team in 2018, the debate is of course not resting anytime.

How his team mate celebrated meant that he Messi was indeed eager for this particular trophy to shape up his narrative for being the Greatest of All time.

After winning the trophy, Messi was the first to share a post which reads as a direct response to his critics and “haters”

In response to Messi winning the Copa America, Ronaldo has since shared a post which has been regarded as an indirect jab to Messi.

The argument about who between Messi and Ronaldo qualifies to be the greatest of all time is not going to end now maybe not in our generation.

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