Grammy Winner Irvin Mayfield Convicted Of Stealing $ 1.3M New Orleans Library funds


Grammy Award winning trumpeter Ivrin Mayfied has been convicted after he was found guilty of Defrauding New Orleans.

Mayfied was found guilty of stealing money worth an amount of $1.3 million that is a fund for the New Orleans public library.

Money dedicated to the city’s libraries was reportedly pocketed by Mayfield, who spent the funds on lavish hotel suites, top-shelf liquor, and a 24-karat gold plated trumpet.

Ivrin Mayfield

He has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after stating in court greed wasn’t the reason he spent the money.

According to him, it was out of arrogance and Ego while admitting he put a lot of people’s hard work in vain.

“I allowed my ego to focus on the winning by any means necessary, I put a lot of people’s good work in vain.” He said in court

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