“I was single for six years because I’m too hot to date and men are ‘scared off’ by my good looks” – 41-year-old woman says


Shirley Flynn, an American model on OnlyFans has revealed she was single at some point for six years because she is too attractive for men.

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According to Shirley, she has had a lot struggles when it comes to dating because men can’t stand her confidence and call her arrogant for being aware she is hot. She also revealed a lot of people feel insecure around her and tell her she is full of herself.

She said, “People think I’m arrogant and full of myself and say they don’t want to date me because I’m too arrogant. I thought it was funny, people saying I’m full of myself. It seems to be mainly from middle aged or older women – because obviously they’re insecure.”

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In a post by the Daily Mail, Shirley was reportedly banned from TikTok in September 2020 for “violating community guidelines’ with her revealing content and skimpy clothing choices.”

In response to the ban, Shirley said, ‘It’s discrimination. They’re banning me because I’ve got really big boobs. My videos are not nude or pornographic. If I was a size eight, or a B or C cup, they’d never have complained about me.”

Speaking about her relationship life, the model said she has lots men asking her for dates and some are even sending her marriage proposals on various social media platforms.

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She said, “I’ve been inundated by messages by men asking me for a date and even marriage proposals and offers abroad. I had loads of men asking me for dates and marriage on my Instagram and Facebook – I was quite surprised.”

Shirley then adviced women to be confident in who they are, irrespective of their size. She said as a woman, once you are confident in your stature, men will droll over you and give you so much attention.

She also said women should support each other and not fight amongst themselves because no matter what, someone will be curvier than you are, or slimmer, or bigger so instead of comparing yourself to other women, motivate them.

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“I think if all women felt confident and could look in the mirror and say to themselves, ‘I’m confident and beautiful and sexy’, they wouldn’t be fighting amongst each other. They make comments about my curves – they make out it’s fake but I haven’t had to pay, I’m natural.”

“A lot of plus-size women think they won’t get attention from men – but I get more attention now than I did when I was slimmer. Rather than looking at other women and comparing, I tend not to do that – there’s women younger, slimmer, more beautiful than me.’But I don’t compare myself to them, I high-five them.”

"I was single for six years because I'm too hot to date and men are 'scared off' by my good looks" - 41-year-old woman says

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