Married woman went to her boyfriend’s house for a sex romp and passed out.


A devastating news of how a married woman who went to her boyfriend’s place to have a quickie but died in the process has hit the internet.

According to the narrative of a twitter account known as Dr Chiemeziem, the woman reportedly went to her boyfriend’s house but died during the process of making love.

It is unclear what probably might have been the cause of death but the news as announced by the twitter user is generating series of mixed reactions.

Some twitter users can’t simply wrap their head around the fact that a wife of a cleric who should uphold the teachings of Islam will even have a boyfriend vis-a-vis cheat on her husband and die in the process.

The boyfriend Of the deceased carried her to a nearby hospital before the news got to the husband who is an Islamic scholar that his wife had died while doing the Do with her boyfriend on his blindside.

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