Meet The Man With 70 Wives And 240 Children;Ghana’s King Solomon


A man in the Talensi-Nabdam district of the Upper East region of Ghana is causing stirs across the country when the depth of his family was revealed .

The unnamed man has a jaw-dropping record many people in the country will not be jealous of, considering the current economic hardships many are going through.

The man according to his relatives has not less than seventy wives, with some dead. Out of this huge number of wives, he has been able to father a staggering 240 children.

One thing remained clear. Irrespective of this huge family size, the wives and children were able to live together in harmony in their own small village. Their number has thus made their residence look like a whole community on its own.

The bit about the story which was worrying was the fact that most of the children, the grown ups in particular, seemed not to have benefited from higher education.

One wonders how a family of this size is able to thrive in terms of providing basic needs and care.

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