Lady wanted by the police for allegedly scamming a billionaire lover to travel abroad


Modern day Delaila wanted after running away with lover’s money whom she was planning to marry.

Victory Ifunanya 24, was in Aviation school when she met this billionaire who soon became her lover. During the period they dated, the guy bought her a car worth 5 million naira so she can get to school easily.


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After she completed school, the man brought her to Lagos and even got her her own apartment. She complained of her brother not getting work after school and the man bought him a car to use for Uber.

This same man bought this lady a car worth 50 million Naira after their engagement and paid for their wedding worth millions in May 2023. He also opened a cosmetic shop for her worth over 18 million naira.

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The scheduled their wedding for May 2023 and the man decided to deposit an amount of 100 million Naira into her account. He later asked her to send 51 million to a car dealer and she only sent 30 and then disappeared.

This man got broken heart and was looking for her. He wanted the remaining money in her account even if she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him again.

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It was later that they found out that she travelled to Birmingham in the UK. Interpol is now after her. They took the car they bought for her brother as well.

Watch the video below for more details;

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