NPP Parliamentary candidate for Dome Kwabenya constituency washes underwear and clothes in an attempt to win votes


In a new video shared by @Sikaofficial on X and making waves online, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Dome Kwabenya, Mike Ocquaye Jnr was seen washing underwear and clothes of a woman in an attempt to gain favor and win votes.

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Mr Mike Ocquaye Jnr bent down and helped a woman who was washing her clothes and underwear wash them as people cheered him on. He had shades on and was wearing a hat that matched his attire. He looked very serious as he bent down and washed the underwear of the woman.

Check the video out.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions among netizens with many saying it is an embarrassing thing for the parliamentary candidate to do as he went too far.

Check some of the comments out.

An X user commented, “Ah chale, if this be my old boy like I go shy roff. Herh, woman en dross paa 😭😭😭😭

Another person wrote, “They’ve come again with their concert for votes! Ah these politicians be shameless paaa oh”

Another comment was, “If you be Politrician and you do this I will vote against you rather”

Someone commented, “Make a politician try this with me and see the slap he go chop”

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