Police man rescues school bus from a fatal accident


A teacher shared a harrowing experience of escaping a near-fatal accident at Asokwa in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

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Sharing a gripping account of how she and her students managed to escape from an accident.

She said after dropping off some of the students, she and her group were taken by surprise when an unknown car suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

They tried to drive away, but their car wasn’t responding. Meanwhile, the unknown car continued to approach them.

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She mentioned that the unknown car had wanted to somersault their bus.

Then a police officer approached them and asked them to get out of the car with the kids. And right after they did, the unknown car crashed into theirs.

So, after the unknown car crashed into their bus, the driver of the unknown car tried to drive away, but luckily, he was arrested.

The bus looks awful with shambled window glasses.

Video below;

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