Sarkodie and his wife proves Love is beautiful with video of Lovely couple moment


Sarkodie and his wife, Tracy have proven once again why they are one of the best Couples everyone should look up to.

Tracy is one that really love to stay away from social media engagements but the little times she pop up is always a moment you will admire.

In a new video shared by the Rapper, The two looks ready to attend an event neatly dressed, Sark in All white with Tracy rocking some beautiful red lace fabric and then decided to pose for the camera before walking out.

Watch the video below

The video got lots of his followers talking with many admiring the lovely way Tracy is giving her husband a smiling look while some also concluded the two are the realest couple available.

My favourite couple ❤️❤️” @Gyaigyimi

“If bae doesn’t look at me like this…im definitely leaving her!” @Deskir

“Find someone that looks at you the way Tracy looks at Sarkodie” @Atopa-Ganster

“@sarkodie you are lucky man on earth.. look at the way she looking at you with a smile ?”. @Kenny85

“The realest couple in the game✌️✅❣️” @Joeblinks15

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