The story of the 14 years old black boy sentenced and executed in a wheel chair: 70 years later the truth is out


George Stinney Jr. is infamous as the youngest person on death row and executed in the United States.

George stinney junior is the youngest black man convicted and executed in an electric chair in the USA. It was 1944, when the young man was 14 years old and convicted of the murder of two young girls.

During his prosecution, even on the day of his execution, he always carried a bible in his hands, claiming to be innocent.

He was accused of killing two white girls, 11-Year-old Betty, and Mary of 7, the bodies were found near the house where the teenager lived with his parents.

Ideally, all members of the jury were white.

The trial lasted only 2 hours, and the sentence was dictated 10 minutes later.

The Boy’s parents were intimidated, and deterred from being present in the courtroom, and thereafter ejected from that city. Prior to the execution, George spent 81 days in cell without being able to catch a glimpse of his parents.

Several years after his death the truth is finally known, but the act remains irreparable. It was the biggest miscarriage of justice of all time.

At a time when tolerance was still completely undecided, hundreds of people still protested to reverse this decision. The young man will finally be executed in the electric chair three months after the crime. Even today, this condemnation fuels the debate.

It is a very controversial conviction since Georges Stinney was not entitled to any defense and above all to a more than rapid (one day) trial and empty of evidence.


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