Two suspected LGBTQ gays caught “chopping” themselves in the middle of the road: beaten heavily


This level of confusion they call identity. First they were lesbians and gays. Today they have added new alphabets. Each day they keep discovering new selves. As of today they are LGBTTQQIAAP

Which other alphabets are these “normal beings”contemplating on adding tomorrow?
You are either born male with a “d” or female with a “p”. How can humans be struggling this much for their sexual identity [orientation] centuries after human existence. Soon we may be as well asked to allow humans to marry animals in the name of human and animal rights

Why not just adopt all the alphabets from alpha to zulu.

Ghana has been that Country in Africa that seems to set the tone for a lot of things on the Continent. The issue of LGBTQ+ is not an issue for Ghanaians alone, it’s an issue for Africa as a whole. The brighter side and the modeled Country is only been targeted to enable the Western world penetrate into other countries as well.

Homosexuality is not only a matter of a lost culture or Values or Religion, but also a disgrace to Humanity. I agree with the assertion that homosexuality is not a RIGH but a CHOICE.  The concept of human rights, freedom, and association must be clearly defined. People turn to go overboard when it comes to matters like this.

This notwithstanding, the MEDIA must be regulated as the kind of programs they run on our TV’s and the NEW MEDIA PLATFORMS.  These are the tools that the WEST, are using to polute the citizenry. The US particularly have been very successful with their media, the Chinese, Japan, Russia, India, etc keeps feeding us with what we’ve failed to do.

we have chanced on a video which is trending on social media. In the video, two males are caught in the middle of the road “doing it” with one another. In fact, the video has shocked a lot of people as no one assumed they can boldly practice the act in the middle of a road. When these guys were caught they tried taking the phone from the one who was videoing the incident.

Below is the video

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