Beautiful young lady commits suicide because of love; leaves her mother crying


Adolescent girls today appear to be better in love with their sweethearts than with their own lives. Rather than making their parents happy by striving to succeed, they choose to sacrifice themselves out of affection for their suitors, thus leaving their parents in enormous sadness.

An inexperienced and gorgeous girl made a foolish motion that plunged her parents into eternal sadness. The two: Yannick and Annick are young people who have been in an emotional affair for various years.

As explained, these two in love were completely enviable, so much so that they were adored by people. An entirely crazy spectacle occurred. The lady who her sweetheart declined to pardon her infidelity committed murder by gulping raticides, a drug meant for rats.

A disastrous event has left several local inhabitants in shock. The family is devastated after their only daughter committed suicide to end her life.

Yannick, on the other hand, detected that his fiancée, whom he loved, was having an affair with a middle-aged guy from the very same community whom he identi well one day when he barely predicted it.

Events took a different turn when he was entirely surprised by this awful finding. Still, she showed up to meet him just before yesterday evening, Yannick notified her that he was sure of her infidelity and, therefore, that he plans to separate with her.

Yannick, who didn’t expect to hear anything else from her, didn’t feel for a minute about granting her another chance, regardless of her appeal. She committed suicide by gulping rodenticide, sometimes referred to as “mouse poison,” when her suitor declined to follow through on her desire.

Lover girl was found lifeless in her bedroom, holding handfuls of rodenticide. The child was the sole daughter in her family, which fulfills as the story’s ending. Her mother discovered her daughter with much pain in her heart.

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