I will end your career: Twene Jonas warns Shatta Wale


Notorious Loudmouth Social Critic Twene Jonas Descends on politicians and celebrities in Ghana.
He slams Ashanti regional minister and other top personalities.

The vociferous youth responded to those who insulted him as homeless in a live Facebook post. He described them as fools and even he uses six phones which can purchase a story building in Ghana.

He posited that the cost of his phone can even be used as a business capital for his critics mothers to start a business.

Some few weeks ago, Shatta Wale assaulted a road contractor. This infuriated Twene Jonas who called out the musician and lambasted him heavily.

Fans from both camps, believed their mentor had won. Twene Jonas fans believed Shatta can’t be compared to Twene Jonas because what ever shatta do or react to have to benefit him individually but Jonas stand for the nation and the truth so far, they two different people concerning Media commentary.

If the big men, Ghana government couldn’t stop Twene Jonas, not even you can. This is not about WMT verbal attacks and stuff. This is about speaking wisdom on issues bothering the ordinary persons. How many jingle contents do you have in all your years of music career so far.?

But, Twene Jonas in just a little over a year doing his own stuff can boast of Hw3 fom, every one minute biaa aban bus nam mu, me ka hyer3 broni s3 Ghana mpanyifuo nyinaa agyimi no ongyin di, Nyame nhyira broni, glass nkuaaa and etc.

Only Twene Jonas alone was able to attract over 7000 views in less than 4 minutes on facebook live in Ghana’s history. Take it easy Shatta, it’s the niggas’s time and not even Ken Agyapong can assassinate him, sorry I mean can kill his fame. Agoro nkuaaa

Fast forward today, the youth activist speaking from New York Made derogatory comment about Shatta and claimed he makes “noises music” which sounds “chai chai” and this isn’t music.

He posited “if he doesn’t take Care I will end his career”.

You can watch the video below


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