Lady left disappointed as her boyfriend who was supposed to pay her Uber fare wasn’t picking up her calls after she’d gotten to her destination


A lady and an Uber driver were left in a heated argument after the lady could not pay for her trip.

In a video trending on Twitter, a lady was left almost stranded over her inability to pay her Cab fare.

According to the information deduced from the video, the lady ordered the ride with the hope that her guy whom she was visiting would pay on her arrival but when she got to the destination, the said boyfriend wasn’t picking his calls.

The lady explained that her boyfriend probably slept off as they were drunk from the night before, and she asked the driver to drop his account number so they would transfer the fare later in the day but the Driver wasn’t having none of that and he threatened to seize her phone until he gets his money, a mild argument ensued, and it was recorded on camera.

She was heard asking the driver not to record a video of her but the driver wasn’t going to take that.

The driver was heard explaining that when they got to the destination of the lady, he waited for over 30 minutes to give the lady the time to call her supposed boyfriend but she kept isjsiting the guy wasn’t picking up.

He explained further that to a friend standing by that he asked the lady to hand over him a valuable item so he can take it away once she brings money then she can come for her stuff.

How do you guys request for a ride knowing that your’e not the one paying and you yourself don’t even have money to pay. like Idg what if the person meant to pay can’t pick up call or his or her phone got spoilt. How do u intend to pay the driver


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