DNA result end man’s life


A Nigerian man has reportedly died of cardiac arrest after after DNA proves negative for his son.

The story by a narrator has it that the man the young man who lives abroad had his wife in Nigeria.

At a point in time, he saw his wife he left behind sharing videos of herself and another young man.

When he confronted the wife, the wife threatened that if he steps in Nigeria, she will make sure he is arrested by EFCC.

The young man called her bluff by flying back to Nigeria to conduct a DNA test on his son which proved that he wasn’t the biological father of the boy.

He died of heart attack.

Issues of conducting DNA is one controversial when it comes to marriage settings.

Ghana have seen its share of DNA request and outcome involving stars.

Footballer Odartey Lamptey about 5 years ago had a terrible experience after DNA proves his three children in his 20 year old marriage were not his.

Asamoah Gyan, former Black stars captain on the other hand also requested for DNA from his wife and his proved that his children were all his.

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